About Us

  • With over 60 years of experience First May is a leading company in agricultural production and processing of Grains and Seeds in Bulgaria. The Company has its own long - standing traditions in the processing of Grains and Seeds as a successor of one of the oldest mills in the region.
  • With 1 000 000 Decares affiliated agricultural land and farming, modern storage facilities with capacity up to 350 000 MT, processing factories with yearly capacity of 250 000 MT, and annual export volume of over 500 000 MT, First May stands up for its position among the top most respectable companies in Bulgaria.
  • For many years First May has been reliable partner of companies from all 5 continents.
  • The good reputation of First May has brought a merger between the German company Goldene Muhle and First May JSC, creating the biggest sunflower kernel production company in Europe and Worldwide.
  • Goldene Muhle is one of the biggest companies with over 30 years of experience in Germany for sunflower kernel production and supply. The hard and dedicated work of both sides was beneficial for them and led to combining their efforts.
  • Having sunflower kernels production capacity of 10 000 mt/month, equipped with most modern production technology in brand new facility in Bulgaria; First May/Goldene Muhle is deemed to be the Leader in the sunflower kernel market globally.
  • Considering the highest values of its work and products, the company meets and even exceeds the expectations of the Grains and Seeds/Kernel markets by using its own supervised agricultural production of raw materials; strict storage and processing control systems (with state of art laboratories); deliveries in due time (own transport department – trucks; port loading installations and warehouses around Europe); reliability and open customer communication (international sales/service offices).
  • The company owns and operates a River Port on Danube river and Cargo Airport in the region.
  • First May is a member of “Bulgarian Mill Union” and “Sunflower and Grains Association”.


  • The company is located in Silistra region (North- Eastern Bulgaria) in the hearth of the “Grain production area of Black Sea Region” and in the middle of so called “Sunflower Belt of Eastern Europe”
  • The company is doing its own and affiliated agricultural production of Grains and Seeds in the fertile fields (100 000 Decares) of Danube-river terrace to ensure the reliability and quality of the raw materials (non GMO; not heavily treated crops)
  • Having modern equipment for plant cultivation and harvesting, the company contributes to the highest efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production in the region.

Grains / Seeds Storage

  • Modern silos storage facilities with capacity of over 350 000 MT - assures the quality of the stored crops/raw materials throughout the season.
  • Fully equipped state of art laboratories on site monitor the quality of the crops in the supply chain - from the fields; through the storage and processing; and transport to the customer’s warehouse
  • Easy access to the Danube river and Black Sea ports - determines efficient and due time logistics of bulk vessels, containers and palletized lots.

Sunflower Kernel Production

  • Sunflower kernel dehulling factory with capacity of 350 000 MT/year input raw material and production capacity of over 120 000 MT/year of Sunflower Kernels, meeting the highest international food safety, green technology and social standards
  • The most modern laboratory/ production equipment and highly skilled personnel assuring the best quality of every lot delivered to our customers.

Sunflower Kernel Production Technology

  • Fully automatic process with state-of-art technology
  • Production line constructed by experts in addition to the long years experience of sunflower hulling preserves the essentials in the sunflower kernels
  • The new modern factory uses zero-waste, clean technology, separating the sunflower seeds into fractions in size, mass and form and packaged in different size bags; ready kernels can be used for direct consumption or in the food industry (bakery, confectionery) and the sunflower seed husks – for the production of fuel pellets and briquettes.
  • Tempered, quality controlled storages in Bulgaria and Germany
  • On-time delivery system

Our philosophy and vision

  • As a leading company in the processing of Grains and Seeds in Bulgaria and an established leader in producing and trading Grains and Seeds, First May/ Goldene Mühle meets the highest requirements of the market and the buyers, pursuing high quality of the production and fair customer relationships
  • High quality products - guaranteed by supervised raw material growing, storage and processing control, regularity and reliability of the supplies, and also special attitude to the clients, that is company’s base of a benefit for a long - term partners’ collaboration our mission and responsibility!
  • Creating high values of our work and product, the company aims to meet and exceed the requirements of the markets, to be innovative, competitive and reliable, to be the business partner covering your needs, the preferred business partner!

Future Developments

New sunflower dehulling plant

  • Engineering and development of second sunflower dehulling factory with capacity over 250 000 MT Sunflower kernels/year, equals to 800 000 tons raw material
  • Location: bank of the Danube River with direct river vessels loading installation
  • In stage of engineering and master plan development
  • Building permission are in progress for the second stage

Feed/Fodder mill plant

  • Development of Feed/Fodder Production Factory with capacity 1 000 000 MT (pig and chicken) feed/year
  • Location: nearby major Black Sea port
  • In stage of engineering and master plan development
  • Building permission are in progress for the second stage

Sunflower oil crushing plant

  • Engineering and development of Oil Crushing Factory with capacity 200 000 MT Crude Sunflower Oil per year, equal to 500 000 tons raw material
  • Location: nearby Danube River port in Silistra region
  • Building permission are in progress for the first stage


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