As a leading company in the processing of oilseeds in Bulgaria and an established leader in producing and trading with grains and oilseeds “First May” JSC is trying to meet the high requirements of the market and the buyer, pursuing the high quality of the production and fair customer relationships.

The company stands up for its position among the most respectable and significant companies in Bulgaria, uses both substantial experience and own traditions from the long-lasting activity of the company, expanding the company profile with another activity and application of the agricultural production – factory for cleaning, sorting, calibrating and peeling of sunflower seeds. The aim also in this aspect  - to become a leading supplier for the food industry – the bakery and  confectionery industry.

High quality, guarantee of the origin of raw material control, processing control, guarantee of regularity, of reliability and volumes of the supplies, and also the special attitude to the clients as a base of a long-term partners collaboration with our clients - these is our mission and responsibility!

Creating high values of our work and product, our aim is to meet the requirements not only of the internal, but also of the international market; to be innovative, competitive, reliable, to be the business partner, meeting you needs, the preferred business partner!


“First May” JSC is a leading company in the processing of oilseeds in Bulgaria and an established leader on the market of grains and oilseeds.

The Company has its own traditions in the production of flour and bran. It is the successor of the Mill – plant "Corinna", founded in 1956.

The business activity core is the purchase and sale of agricultural products - grain.

The company itself and the economic associated companies are in possession of modern storage - silos units for storing of grain, allowing the maintenance of the quality for a long time period and intervention to the market at the appropriate time in order to achieve maximum financial results.

The warehouses of a capacity 200 000 tons are built in the north - eastern Bulgaria – in  Silistra city and in the villages Sitovo and Nova Popina.

Each of the grain - bases has modern technical equipment necessary for the reception, processing and storage of grain, as well as own laboratories for testing the parameters of the grain.

The  silos plant in Silistra city is located closely to the bank of the Danube river.

There is a pier wall with a length of more than 250 meters, suitable for loading and unloading activities at the Danube river.

The main storage facilities of the company are located in village of Sitovo.

Not far from Silistra, in Sitovo village has been constructed a new factory for cleaning, calibrating, sorting and dehulling of sunflower seeds, with a capacity for more than 100 000 tons dehulled sunflower seeds or more than 350 000 tons sunflower seeds per year, in conformity with the highest international standards.

The factory is with fully automated and mechanized operations, the quality control of the chain raw material - final product during the manufacturing process is being monitored in accordance with internationally approved standards.

The new modern factory uses non-waste, clean technology, separating the sunflower seeds into fractions in size, mass and form and packaged in bags; the clean and peeled kernels will be used for direct consumption in the bakery, in the food industry and the sunflower seed husks – for the production of fuel pellets and briquettes.

“First May” JSC is cultivating agricultural areas, providing not only a part of the raw material for the manufacturing process, but also ensuring the reliability of the source of the raw material. The cultivation of the land includes both the own areas and the leased land, located exclusively on the Danube-terrace - from the land of Silistra to the village Braschlen – priority areas for intensive grain cultivating, more than 5 000 hectares.

The company has long lasting partnerships with farmers from the region, which is a guarantee for the raw materials of the company, quality control and the storage.

The land cultivating and the harvesting has been exclusively made by an own modern equipment for processing and harvesting, as the company is investing each year in the machines, facilities, equipment, which contributes to the high efficiency of the agricultural production.

“First May” JSC is the owner of a milling – plant, located at the banks of the Danube river in Silistra city, with a processing capacity 50 000 tons per year.

"First May" JSC is a member of the "Bulgarian Mill Union”.





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